The end of magic & marvel

It breaks my spirit and my heart to know that the circus, with its colour, grand animal acts, and death-defying feats is shutting down.  It seems that every corner of society is under attack by those whose agendas are underlined by a false sense of altruism.  A minority of individuals, who have gone to great lengths to disparage circuses, zoos, etc., even to the point of falsifying information, have managed to destroy what little magic and wonder there is left in this world.  How, and why has our society become so lethargic, so mute to the wonder that can only be found in a circus act, a clown, a lion tamer?  It’s not only the circus that is losing and waning, it’s society as a whole.  Without the magic, wonder and silliness of clowns, we are all much poorer.

After almost a century and a half, the “Greatest Show on Earth” is coming to an end. Associated Press reporters tagged along with the Ringling Bros. Circus in its final days to witness the lives of circus performers, who live and travel across the United States by train, together with animals of the circus. Clowns…

via Ringling Bros. is closing for good. A backstage look at the end of the “Greatest Show on Earth” — Quartz

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