I do not usually publish ‘stay tuned’ alerts on this blog, but this time I must. I am working on a post that has me truly excited, because it features an individual whose work has been a primary source of inspiration for me for many years. While I was studying mental health counseling at Cleveland […]

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Stay Tuned… — The Jaguar

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Introducing The Jaguar and Allies 2.0 — The Jaguar

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The time has come. For a while I have felt like I had outgrown my blog, and I have decided to do something about it. New Theme First of all, you probably noticed that I have changed The Jaguar and Allies’ theme. For those who do not know, the way WordPress works is that authors can […]

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All decked out for spring

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Wasn’t quite sure what I’d find underneath the tarp placed over the Muskoka chairs last fall, but all is good – no spiders, just a little bit of ice and snow.  Can’t wait to enjoy some warm spring and hot summer daydreaming from the deck.


Finch Fiesta

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Dozens of gold and purple finch ascended on the bird feeders over the last two weeks, probably wondering where and when spring will come to their territory.  Despite having to shoot through the bay window, I managed to take a few nice photos of the finch on both the clothes line and feeders.


Goldfinch – Photo credit, Quarkybirdy

Despite winter’s extended strangle hold on early spring, these beauties were a most welcomed sight.

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Harbour Lights

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Parry Sound harbour is slowly transforming into her spring fashion, ice breaking up and the Seguin river rushing over the rapids.

First Common Loon sighting in the harbour.

Pardon me, but I’m outta seeds!

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This little fellow practically knocked on the window to ask for more seeds.

Spring’s Retreat

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Like most of Ontario, cottage country received a nasty, albeit brief (I hope), reboot of winter over the last few days.  Winter tires were scheduled to come off this past Monday, then Thursday… now next Monday.  Seems winter hasn’t quite finished with us yet.  A couple of early robins arrived a few days ago to a snowy, cold, food-sparse landscape.  I hope they can hang in there a few days longer as there’s a wee bit of spring warmth coming – by mid-April.

The gardens are longing to shed their winter coat and get on with extolling spring’s promise of sunny, smiling daffodils and crocuses.

Backyard vegetation and garden bench covered with new snow.

Alas, this last breath of winter has been breathtakingly beautiful.


Copyright @ Linda Sullivan

Now go away winter, see you in November!

How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Site and Extend Your Reach

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Still haven’t tapped into Instagram? Here are quick tips to get the most out of the photo-sharing app.

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