We are all storytellers

This article, and a myriad of others, posits that telling our own stories is difficult, filled with obstacles and obstructions.  Nonsense.  Every one of us has inherited the gift of storytelling – ever since we first uttered a sound or word to others around us on the great plain.  Mothers have told stories to their babies for millennia, just like fathers have told stories to children and elders to community members.  Societal norms, traditions and customs have all been shared through storytelling.  Here we are in 2017 with technology and tools at our disposal to tell our own stories to everyone in a plethora of ways.

It’s not complicated to tell one’s story or to spin a tale of adventure and intrigue.  It’s part of our DNA, we just have to chose the format that best suits how we want to tell our story and then begin.

“Stories,” writes Lisa Katayama, “help us make sense of our world.”

via “What If People Could Tell Their Own Stories?” — Discover

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