“We have annually posted Ace’s letter since 2012 and most regrettably, Ace no longer walks this earth and graces us with his physical presence; but his thoughts and insights continue to impact us as much today as when he first started touching the heart of our good friend, Grandma Gregg. We miss you Ace and […]

via A Wild Horse Angel’s Letter to Santa — Straight from the Horse’s Heart

A Wild Horse Angel’s Letter to Santa — Straight from the Horse’s Heart

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Couple Returns to Home Lost in California’s Camp Fire to Find Their Dog Waiting for Them – TIME

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by Gina Martinez – TIME 

a view of a dog: Madison the dog

© Photo Courtesy of K9 Paw Print Rescue Madison the dog

After losing their home to California’s deadliest wildfire, one couple had an unexpected reunion with their loyal pet.

K9 Paw Print Rescue, a non-profit, Bay Area-based animal rescue group, said on Facebook this week that the couple returned to the site of their lost home in Paradise, Calif., and their beloved dog Madison was there as well.

“They hoped and prayed he would be OK,” the group posted. “When they finally got clearance to go back to the lot where their house once stood… Madison was waiting there for them as if he were protecting his former home. Never give up!”

Read the full heartwarming article from TIME here.

By Helen Briggs
BBC News

Northern white rhino

Getty Images

One of the last remaining rhinos of its kind

The world’s in the midst of an extinction crisis, with plants and animals being lost at a rate not seen since the demise of the dinosaurs. At the end of a key international conference, BBC News spoke to Cristiana Pașca Palmer, executive secretary of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, about global efforts to stem the destruction of nature – and what individuals can do.


The United Nations biodiversity chief on why extinction is a “silent killer” and deserves more attention.

via Extinction crisis: Five things you should know — BBC News – Science & Environment

Extinction crisis: Five things you should know — BBC News – Science & Environment

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TOO CUTE!!!! Loyal Dog Watches Over His Favorite Teddy Bear During The Entire Time It’s In The Wash

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by Kim Wong-Shing – from MSN.COM

a close up of a dog

© @habsthedog / Instagram

Reason #41,986 why we do not deserve dogs: Habs, an adorable spaniel dog, watches over his favorite plush toy while it’s in the wash to make sure that it’s safe. Now that’s loyalty.

Reason #41,987: That plush toy is a ridiculously oversized teddy bear, much larger than Habs himself.

Is it even legal to be this cute?!

Habs’s owner, Jacqueline Estey, didn’t originally intend for Habs to bond with the giant teddy bear. It belonged to her before Habs even joined the family. But soon after he arrived three years ago, he claimed the teddy bear as his own

Read the full article and see this adorable dog watch over his favourite teddy in the drier here.

By Helen Briggs
BBC News

Artist's impression of the 'forgotten beast'

W S Van der Merwe
Artist’s impression of the ‘forgotten beast’


A giant rhino that may have been the origin of the unicorn myth survived until about 35,000 years ago.

via ‘Siberian unicorn’ walked Earth with humans — BBC News – Science & Environment

‘Siberian unicorn’ walked Earth with humans — BBC News – Science & Environment

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Today is #GivingTuesday: a day set aside to donate to non-profit groups. There are countless non-profits around the globe who are working to make this world a better place, and giving to any of them would be great. However, since this is a blog about wild cats, why not support the tireless organizations who are […]

via Support Wild Cats on #GivingTuesday — The Jaguar

Support Wild Cats on #GivingTuesday — The Jaguar

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The light between us

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I gazed up, high IMG_20180927_102655
Sunshine, bright through leaves
Shone down, hit my face, warm
Light from heaven, I’m convinced

I can see, now
Through the darkness, it’s clear
I am here, the warmth, real
And those above, watching, Always

I feel you, here
Your name, your soul
Life extended, waves of light
Connecting, loving, missing

You are not forgotten

“We’re also going to be the first country in the world to undertake a region-wide blue carbon audit, which will be carried out in the Orkney Islands maritime region.”

via Orkney’s Waters to be used to Investigate Blue Carbon — The Orkney News

Orkney’s Waters to be used to Investigate Blue Carbon — The Orkney News

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“Too often we forget that our four legged companions helped to found this nation, fight wars to secure this country and continue to protect us from crime and anarchy within our republic. Of course, this definition applies to both our canine and equine brethren but what a tremendous leap it is for equines as by […]

via Feel Good Sunday: A Salute to the Horses in Blue — Straight from the Horse’s Heart

Feel Good Sunday: A Salute to the Horses in Blue — Straight from the Horse’s Heart

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I want to wish The Jaguar’s blogger the very best as he works to completes his thesis.  And, I also want to extend a huge thank you for his writing and sharing of important info on the critical status of big cats around the world.  I support and share his wonderful articles because through these, I want others to know of the peril these majestic animals face on a daily basis and implore more people to sit up and take notice.

I hate to do this, but I need to step away from blogging for at least a week: my life is simply too busy right now. If I am to finish writing my thesis in two weeks, which is the plan, then I need to stop spending so much time blogging. I am also tired […]

via Temporary Hiatus — The Jaguar

Temporary Hiatus — The Jaguar

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