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I too have been ignored by HR personnel and interviewers following an interview: no follow up, no response to thank you emails and queries of whether a candidate has been selected.  This article underscores just how much this slight from interviewers and human resource reps can have negative repercussions on their organization-agency-company.

For those who have slighted me following an interview, I rarely use or champion their services, nor do I purchase or promote their material or products – I can’t, in good conscience, knowing how poorly they seem to treat job applicants.  If they can treat a prospective employee badly, I have to conclude that their clients or customers don’t rank too high on their ‘to do’ list either.

If I devote time to prepare presentations and material for an interview – which I always do, I expect at the very least, a confirmation from that prospective employer that they appreciated my time and attention to the interview process and that I will receive, positive or negative, a follow up call or email letting me know the application process ‘end game’.

When a company ignores your resume submission, fails to notify you of your application status or completely neglects you after a series of interviews, you never want to apply for a job there again. Last year, my firm worked with Career Arc to survey job seekers and found that 80% would be discouraged to consider…

via When companies don’t treat their job applicants well, they lose out in more ways than one — Quartz

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