Cow No.4, where are you: of swimming cows & wayward steers (Green Acres 2016 style)

It may be Halloween today, but recent events in the bovine world may convince you it’s really April Fools Day (or a bovine conspiracy)!Let’s start with events on Oromocto Island (New Brunswick). 

Cow No. 4 (perhaps she should be called ‘Double O something’) decided that life on the island summer pasture was just not that exciting.  So when unsuspecting eyes were looking the other way, she made a break for freedom – and greener pastures on the mainland.  Swimming across the river, Cow #4 took a leisurely 2-week stroll around local mainland fields, no doubt sharing her ‘great swimming escape’ tale with ours of her species. After two weeks, Cow No. 4 must have missed her bovine comrades and, like Dorothy lamented, decided, ‘there’s no place like home’ and wondered back to the place of escape to be transported home.

Moral of the story: cows can swim (who knew) and like humans, cows also think that the grass (and therefore life) must be better on the other side of the fence!  Farmers in the area beware, Cow No. 4 has no doubt shared her secrets of escape with other cows: never count your cows before they’re all in the barn!!

Full story at:

Wayward Steer

In Nova Scotia, the RCMP Tweeted out (#RCMPNS) that a steer was on the loose near Kingston.  Now folks you have to wonder, did the Steer (who is undoubtedly remaining nameless for his own protection and future Houdini-like planning) meet up with Cow #4 at some point and then realize that he too could be a free spirit, that one pasture could not hold him? 

Sounds like farmers in two provinces at least better keep a close eye on their livestock as word (on the hoof) appears to be spreading among cattle herds that freedom is obtainable. Greener pastures are not just for the lucky few.  Any bovine with the right mix of mischief and ambition can swim the rivers, graze on greener pastures and stroll down country roads with a contented – and well earned – glint of “I did it” in their eye!

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