Meet the Model – Harry the Harvest Mouse —

Harvest Mouse Micromys minutus Most people think of the harvest mouse as the tiny red-brown animal clinging to a ripe ear of wheat, however you are just as likely to find the mouse in a reed bed or clump of cocksfoot grass in an arable field margin. The harvest mouse is the smallest rodent […]

Meet the Model – Harry the Harvest Mouse —


MEET THE MODEL – STAN THE STOAT by Graham Stewart Stan the Stoat aka Mustela erminea Until recently I have only ever caught occasional, brief glimpses of stoats, never enough of one to actually catch it on camera. However, of late I have been lucky enough to see many more. I cant be sure […]

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Wild Barley Rewind: Jungle Trails — Wild Barley

It was not just around the Lodge at Taricaya Ecological Reserve that we encountered wildlife. Each day whether we were walking to and from observation platforms, flower cutting, weeding, maintenance or even clearing trails, we were immersed in jungle wildlife. Of course we also went out on specific walks looking for wildlife. The first of […]

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Desert Bighorn Sheep In The Santa Catalina Mountains — Sonoran Images

You may enlarge any of the images in this blog by clicking on it. Click again for a detailed view. For those readers who are not familiar with Tucson and its environs, much of our community rests among mountain ranges. In fact, Tucson and many of its suburbs sit in a bowl of a valley, surrounded […]

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Badger cull to end —

Badger cull – the end game The government has announced that Badger culling will be phased out and replaced with a cattle vaccine and plans more vaccination of badgers in the fight against TB read the full story here Want to her to know more about badgers Meet the Model – Brian the Badger

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