Old-fashioned horsepower — Le Drake Noir

Talk about horsepower in agriculture often about several hundreds per unit. The times when there was only one are rare, but here are two. via Old-fashioned horsepower — Le Drake Noir

Ireland. Farming in the Good Old Days. — IRELAND – MALTA – TRAVEL

Ireland of the past was truly an agricultural economy. A century ago two thirds of Irish farms were owner-occupied and this trend was to gather pace in the following decades. The size structure of farms was heavily weighted towards smaller holdings: about 230,000 farms were less than 30 acres in contrast with around 50,000 today. […]…

Stand up straight, she’s taking our picture!

I would argue that no matter how old you are, most of us exclaim ‘horse’ every time we come upon horses grazing in a lush field.  I found these beauties along a local highway en route to North Bay a few days ago.  

The Weekly Bleat: Grain Treat — fourth generation farmgirl

A few weeks ago, Farmguy and I gathered our sheep for their spring shearing. We’ve had a number of warm days since late March with temperatures in the 70’s, and the sheep were appearing a bit stressed by the heat. I was happy to finally get a shearing date, but also a little nervous about […]…

Big pig problem: What to do after Yukon’s wild boar fiasco? – CBCNEWS

by Heather Avery – CBCNEWS A Yukon group is calling for wild boars to be wiped from the territory, fenced or not, after a fiasco this summer. Seven wild boar escaped from their enclosure into the wilderness, prompting fears the animals could reproduce and become an invasive species. The Yukon Fish and Game Association, a wildlife…