28: Muskox — Notebook from the North

This week we will be doing another spotlight on an Arctic animal, helping an overlooked creature get a little bit of attention and praise. This time round it’s muskox, the giant furry brown cow-like creatures that wander the tundra of the north. We will have a little look at their history, behaviour and some of […]

via 28: Muskox — Notebook from the North

2 Replies to “28: Muskox — Notebook from the North”

  1. The Musk Ox isn’t actually all that big. It only comes up to an average size man’s chest. It is a large goat covered in a mass of hair that is a great insulator. It was/is a source of meat and it’s thick coat was used more as a mattress than for clothing. Nowadays, the hides are sent to South America to be mixed with other hair to produce high end winter sweaters and such.

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    1. I was really surprised how relatively small Musk Ox are when I saw a herd when in the Yukon many years ago. Still majestic, but not the bison-size I was expecting. I didn’t know about the South American connection, interesting. Thanks for your feedback!


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