Reviving Magic

Where has the magic gone from childhood?  Must adulthood negation the mind’s flights of fancy?  Does being a ‘grown up’ have to shut the mind’s door to wandering through those shadowy nooks and crannies of childhood memories?  Crevices where dragons lurked, waiting for the child in me to summon them out into the sunshine to play in fields of fairies and lightening bugs.  The world is much darker and sterile as an adult, with so little wonder and imagination allowed to stir or escape from the depths of our memories.

With so many places currently a tinderbox of strife, stress, and violence, I long for those bygone days when there existed, most definitively – dragons!  Tonight, I am going back in my mind.  I’m going to walk along those hallowed halls of memories, allow my fingers to once again trace the walls and crevices of childhood memories, and call out to those fantastical beasts lying within.  I need to find that magic that for a brief moment in time, filled my mind and days with magic -and hope.


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