Confessions of an Outlier

I don’t want to be a member of the ‘in crowd’.  I’m an outlier.  I’m a small and big ‘C’ conservative, [‘m an outlier.  I live in the country – and love it: I’m an outlier.  I dislike urbanity in all it’s grey concrete and forced natural settings. I’m an outlier.  I like winter, the colder the better – that definitely makes me an outlier.  I don’t listen to movie, book, restaurant or travel critics, I want to make up my own mind, make my own choices of what’s good and what’s not: I’m an outlier.

I believe in evolution AND something bigger, something wondrous and magical.  I still believe in the healing power of teddy bears and the mystery of fireflies.  I believe the Tricksters are still pulling imaginary strings to play with us and try to fool us: the Pixies, Leprechauns and Coyote and Crow.

I’m an Outlier – and proud of it!

via Daily Prompt: Outlier

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