Two-headed baby rattlesnake found in New Jersey Pine Barrens — NBC News Top Stories

“The venomous snake was named “Double Dave” because of its two heads and the two Daves who found it.

The two-headed timber rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus).

The two-headed timber rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus). NBC News  

By Minyvonne Burke
Two New Jersey herpetologists exploring an area known for its timber rattlesnakes stumbled across a rare find: a newborn two-headed rattlesnake slithering across the ground.
“I was totally blown away. You hear about things like that … but it’s extremely rare,” Herpetological Associates’ regional manager Dave Schneider told NBC News on Friday. “It was pretty crazy.”

Schneider and his colleague, Dave Burkett, found the snake about two weeks ago in the Pine Barrens, a heavily forested area in the southern part of the state, after they were told that a female timber rattlesnake had recently given birth.

As Schneider was snapping photos of some of the baby serpents, Burkett spotted the two-headed creature.”

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