Goodbye 2018

There’s nothing good, bad or sad about another year passing, it’s just a natural course of action for all living things.  Time passes and, if we’re lucky, we get glimpses into the future with each new day’s arrival.  img_20181208_1012321396510045098733994.jpg

For the next 365 days of 2019, I hope the global community can be brought closer together in love and respect for one another, and that we are all witnesses to positive actions and commitment to protecting and revitalizing the world’s wildlife and natural spaces.

My hope for 2019: to hear of more tigers in the wild, more wild parrots flying freely in the Amazon Rainforest, more, healthy polar bears roaming the tundra, more wild and safe pangolins in the wild, fewer destructive forest fires and floods around the world, and many more areas of the world’s land mass and waters set aside and protected as habitat sanctuaries.

Goodbye 2018, it’s been interesting…

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