Fly High, Fly Free Sweet Pico: Anipals Remember Pico

Many of us came together recently at Anipal Cove to remember our sweet budgie friend Pico.  Pico flew Over the Rainbow Bridge much too soon, much too young.  The following is a tribute to beautiful Pico.

Remembering Pico

from Charlie and Robin – @voon28260442


Pico was a gentle little soul. He loved Skip and Grandma. In the past, he was good friends with Felix the Betta. Here’s a picture of them sharing blood worms.

Pico went to Oscars @OscarTheBetta house for sleepovers. They loved to play together and eat treats Miss Twiggy prepared. Just like Kermit, Pico loved baked goods with blueberries.


Pico liked millet, like any budgie.


Pico liked to swim in his closed blue pool during the summer. Here, Charlie was making sure his little brofur was doing good.


Pico loved everyone and everything, except flies! Oh my, they are terrifying!

Here he is, visiting Daddy. Daddy is Momma’s hubby.


Please click here to see how Anipals celebrated the life of sweet Pico.

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