Frills, Fluff & Mid-summer Fancies

Nothing says ‘Hello August’ like day lilies. Despite my ongoing battle with the deer, I’ve managed to see a new crop of beautiful day lilies emerge from the warm summer soil.

Day lilies, astilbe, monarda and coneflowers, the hallmarks of mid-summer blooms.

The deer, squirrels and chipmunks have made sure I’ve seen few roses this season, but thankfully they’ve left a few mainstays to admire.

Soon September will bring an end to the abstract painting that is the 2020 garden. Best I get out and enjoy nature’s canvas while I can.

Hot & Humid Won’t Slow Us Down!

It’s been blazing hot and incredibly humid in central Ontario over the last few weeks, and the days head don’t indicate that a cool-down is coming any time soon. Despite the heat, the garden is looking great with strong showing from the usual seasonal suspects – mini roses, daylilies, astilbe, coneflowers and various assorted containers brimming with petunias, marigolds, dahlias and other annuals. The deer are giving me a run for my green thumb though, time will only tell who will win this battle.

Forbidden Love! — The Peterborough & Area Master Gardeners

By Cheryl Harrison, Master Gardener Ok, I know that peonies may not be the trending plant but I love them! Like many grandmothers, my maternal grandmother grew peonies around her farmhouse… Their fragrance filled the air and they sprawled magnificently after a rain. I found them captivating! Peonies were first described as medicinal herbs in […]

Forbidden Love! — The Peterborough & Area Master Gardeners

Bloomin’ around noon in June — View From Casita Colibrí

Given the barrage of bad, sad, depressing, and infuriating news these days, I’m finding it difficult to string together more than a few words. However, who needs words when Mother Nature is speaking from my terrace — succulents and cactus to the rescue. Wishing all health, safety, and a bounty of […]

Bloomin’ around noon in June — View From Casita Colibrí

New Jersey State Botanical Garden: Lilac Garden — National Parks With T

Welcome back to National Parks and other public lands with T! The Lilac Garden at NJ State Botanical Garden» The Skylands section of Ringwood State Park in northern New Jersey consists of the historic Skylands Manor, Shepherd Lake and the New Jersey Botanical Garden. In 1966, the State of New Jersey purchased the estate to form…

New Jersey State Botanical Garden: Lilac Garden — National Parks With T

Flower Power — NewEnglandGardenAndThread

Ever heard the saying, vegetables feed the body and flowers feed the soul? Everywhere I look something is blooming, and I’m smiling. We’ve had summer-like weather and just a few sprinkles although we could use some measurable rain. It’s dry. I’ve been giving my Craftsmen battery powered tools a workout, and I still love them. […]

Flower Power — NewEnglandGardenAndThread
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