Delphinium Peacock — Susan Rushton

Not a title I was expecting to write, but I had to share this snippet from one of the nurseries taking part in the RHS Chatsworth Flower Show. This peacock was (metaphorically) strutting its stuff as part of the silver-gilt winning display of elatum delphiniums by Home Farm Plants of Covington.

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Lilacs – My Spring Passion

For as lpiZap_1560193049979ong as I can remember, lilacs have occupied a special place in my memories and appreciation of spring.

Growing up in the big city, I remember a bank of lilacs that bordered our backyard. There was a treasured swing set that was positioned parallel to the lilacs and to this very day, if I close my eyes, I can still feel myself swinging while smelling that intoxicating fragrance wafting through the warm spring breeze.  

I have long since left childhood behind, but some memories, like those lilacs, remain imbedded in my mind as if I were once again swinging to and fro on that swing. 

IMG_20190610_075651Lilacs are my spring flowering shrub, the one plant that I long to see, long to smell, and the one plant I couldn’t bear not seeing this time of year.

So in honour of this passion, I drove around Parry Sound last weekend, photographing some of the stands of lilacs that pepper the town.

I wish lilacs would bloom all season.



Lilac memories… — The Wallace Adventure!

I had decided last week that the F.O.A.M. (flowers on a Monday) for this week would be lilacs. They are just coming into full bloom in my part of the world and their scent fills the neighborhood. I never actually realized how prevalent lilac bushes are in my neighborhood; when you’re actively looking for them […]

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it could be — a north east ohio garden

there should be daylily pictures. instead there are pictures of un-daffs and other spring events. pictures of the un-daffs jumped and dumped into the compost pile. creeping phlox, fresh growth on the rose, dandelions, little bees, and columbine. could it be that i am a guest on the mothership talking to cats. and this imposter […]

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This Is The Time Of Year We Look Forward To — The Art Of Monteque

Jannie Vaught Most of the stone fruit trees are budding and many in flower. The Blue Bonnets are showing with their bright blue sparkles. I didn’t realize how color hungry I had become, then the first flowers and the Bonnets show and I think I’ve been living in black and white. I have 2 subjects […]

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Death in the Garden – Book Review — Bramble Garden

Poisonous Plants & Their Use Throughout History Michael Brown Pen and Sword Books. Paperback £16.99 ISBN 1526708388 I once turned up at a client’s garden to find foxgloves growing amongst the cut-and- come-again lettuce. Horrified, I carefully weeded them out, but decided I couldn’t be sure I’d found them all. The whole plot had to […]

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The late hellebores are only slightly tardy — Ramblin’ through Dave’s Garden

However he is tempted, the gardener should never claim “there’s never been a winter like this one”. Every one is unique, with highs and lows and perhaps wild swings from the average, but there’s something unusual and much that is typical in every season. The one that is now thankfully past was very typical, with […]

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In a Vase on Monday: White ‘n’ Blue — Rambling in the Garden

I mentioned to Christina during the week that the only blues blooming in the garden at the moment were a few Anemone blanda; however, rambling to find material for today’s vase has not only proved me wrong but shows that I don’t know my garden as intimately as I thought I did! However, as the […]

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Hvis du vil skabe glæde i vintermadlavningen – lilla broccoli! — Beretninger fra et autentisk landbrug

Broccoli om vinteren, tænker du måske, spansk, gammelhøstet, plastikindpakket og dieseltransporteret. Ja, sådan er vilkårene, hvis man vil købe sommerkål om vinteren i dette land, og det er stadig bedre for din krop med indkøbt kål end ingen kål. Ihvertfald hvis den er uden rester af sprøjtegifte. Men har du et lille stykke jord, må […]

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