Wild Bee Swarm — The Wilden Marsh Blog

A wild bee swarm settled in a Wilden Marsh hawthorn bush today, not the first time this has happened. Seven years ago, too late in the season for the bees to survive, a swarm chose this particular hawthorn bush to build a nest; I arranged for a local beekeeper to rescue and overwinter the colony.…

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Gavilán Maromero/White-tailed Kite/Elanus leucurus — Birds Colombia: 788 especies hoy

Nombre en español: Gavilán Maromero Nombre en ingles: White-tailed Kite Nombre científico: Elanus leucurus Familia: Accipitridae Foto: Jeison MacGregor/Daniel Avendaño/Mauricio Ossa Canto: Patrick Blake El elanio maromero (Elanus leucurus), también conocido como bailarín, elanio bailarín, halcón blanco, gavilán blanco, milano blanco y gavilán maromero, es una especie de ave accipitriforme de la familia Accipitridae que habita en el oeste de América del Norte y partes de América del Sur. En México recibe el nombre de milano coliblanco. Recientemente, […]

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Painted Buntings – Stars of the show — Texas Tweeties by Bob Zeller

In the past couple of weeks we have visited Twin Buttes Reservoir on several occasions. Since the lake has received much needed water from storms the past few months, it has produced a plethora of birds. Also, it is the middle of migration, so birding there has been great fun. I have had some great […]

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Choreographed? — nature has no boss

Four American Avocets seemed to have choreographed this move just for the camera. They were just milling about when all of a sudden a couple took to the air for a brief hop, skip and jump. It was one of those photos you just didn’t know you took until you see it.. Fun stuff.

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Making space for nature — Scottish pollinators

Partnership working can provide new opportunities for learning, and can be the driver of many successful development projects. Redrow house builders have teamed up with Bumblebee Conservation Trust (BBCT) over the last 5-years to support the conservation of pollinators in England and Wales through the development of their sites. In our blog today, Gill Perkins […]

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