Gaviotín Común/Common Tern/Sterna hirundo   — Birds Colombia #OneBirdPerDay #UnAvePorDía

Foto: Joao Quental (cc)Nombre en español: Gaviotín Común Nombre en inglés: Common Tern Nombre científico: Sterna hirundo   Familia: Laridae Canto: Marc AndersonEl charrán común​ (Sterna hirundo) es una especie de ave caradriforme de la familia Laridae.​ Es un ave marina y migratoria que pasa el invierno en las costas de países tropicales y subtropicales. Sus cuatro subespecies anidan en regiones templadas y subárticas de Europa, de Asia y del este y centro de América del Norte.…

Gaviotín Común/Common Tern/Sterna hirundo   — Birds Colombia #OneBirdPerDay #UnAvePorDía

Fall colours in my mind’s eye

Despite the unseasonably warm temps over the last few days, the glorious colours of Fall ’22 are but a memory now. There are still vestiges of glory, but I must now put those memories to bed, like the garden, and leaf through them in the weeks ahead, especially when the winds turn bitter and a blanket of white covers the landscape.

I love each season, and I love how each rolls into the other, overlapping for a short time before subsiding and drifting off into the annals of seasonal time.

But Fall, well Fall is the ultimate fashion show; it screams attention – and for good reason: it’s breathtakingly bold and, without hesitation, it mixes and matches colours never seen on any fashion runway.

Farewell Fall ’22, I miss you already!

Big Psittacidae — Wickersham’s Conscience

The Macaws, spread across three or four genera, are the largest members of the New World parrot family, the Psittacidae. There are at least seventeen Macaw species, but WC has only photographed a few of them. In an egregious instance of the Magpie Principle, here are four of those species. The etymology of “macaw” is […]

Big Psittacidae — Wickersham’s Conscience

Burros (increased risk of national collapse & international crisis) — Wild Horse Education

Donkeys around the world, including our own nation’s wild burros, are in peril. The global threat is fueled by China’s Ejiao trade; inside the United States it is driven by the very […]

Burros (increased risk of national collapse & international crisis) — Wild Horse Education
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