Winter: harsh, but beautiful

Winter in central and northern Ontario is nothing short of amazing.  Yes, it’s often cold, the driving can often be tricky and, sometimes, downright hazardous, but there’s no disputing the beauty that befalls the subdued landscape when snow descends upon it from above.  As much as I miss those warm spring and early summer days, I do so love the crispness and quiet beauty of a cold winter’s day.


There’s something quite humbling about a cold February day, with the sunshine tricking one into believing it’s warmer than it is while at the same time, casting gloriously bright sunlight across open spaces and upon snow-laden trees, lakes and roadways.

Spring brings flowers, summer the warmth, Fall, beautiful leaf colours, but winter, winter brings silence, a time of renewal, contemplation, and the promise of new life and growth in but a few short weeks.


Late Winter Beauty – March’s ‘Lion’ brings sunny skies

If you live in Central Ontario, you know that winter doesn’t really end with the arrival of March.  I remember a May 2-4 weekend that was spent looking out the window at a wicked winter storm ravaging newly emerged leaf buds and shocked daffodils. I’ve learned long ago to enjoy what winter brings, good and otherwise, for as long as she decides to hang around.

I cherish living in a wooded, rural locale that affords me the enjoyment of all 4 seasons: I wouldn’t trade it for any other clime!

Home on the Range: the simple things in life make my day, everyday.

When the challenges and push-back of people start bringing me down, I go out in search of the simple – the reality – of living a good life.  For me, this means driving down country roads, past open fields dotted with horses, cows, sheep and other lovely creatures.  Yesterday was such a day for me, I needed an escape from the myriad of issues causing me pause and angst.  I was rewarded when I came upon these beauties grazing and lazing in a field alongside an area roadway.

I’m a journalist from rural America. The media can’t understand Donald Trump until it hires more of us — Quartz

The American media botched the story of Donald Trump. Following his victory in the US presidential election last week, journalists have been reflecting on the blind spots that led them to underestimate the potency of his following—and the possibility that a man who ran on a white nationalist platform could become the leader of the…

via I’m a journalist from rural America. The media can’t understand Donald Trump until it hires more of us — Quartz

Touche, best journalism piece I’ve read lately on why Donald Trump won the U.S. election.

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