Rural Towns Insulated From Coronavirus Now May Take A Harder Hit Later — News : NPR

The coronavirus will likely take longer to reach remote rural communities but may be more devastating. Though there may not be public transit or big crowds, rural areas are vulnerable in other ways.(Image credit: Dean Conger/Corbis via Getty Images) via Rural Towns Insulated From Coronavirus Now May Take A Harder Hit Later — News : NPR

Spring’s Retreat

Like most of Ontario, cottage country received a nasty, albeit brief (I hope), reboot of winter over the last few days.  Winter tires were scheduled to come off this past Monday, then Thursday… now next Monday.  Seems winter hasn’t quite finished with us yet.  A couple of early robins arrived a few days ago to…


As the snow recedes, items left out last fall have begun emerging, reminding me of tasks left unfinished.  I meant to throw ‘ugly bench’ beside the shed, but alas, it was left to collect snow beside the walkway.  The emerging heads look at me incredulously… and they’re rather freakish.

Window on the world

Lucky to have a wonderful view of the wild birds that visit the feeders and hastily strewn peanuts at the side of the house.  Their visits bring joy to each and every day.

February: winter’s showcase

As someone born in the month of sun and cold, I declare February to be winter’s showcase month!  Yes It’s cold, but the combination of bright skies upon the snow-laden landscape is unmatched.  Soon, spring will blanket the fields with green, and the lakes and rivers will flow again.  But for now, snow cover allows…

Signs in the snow

Our local turtle ponds have seen increased animal activity over the last 24-hours. Fox, deer, maybe even moose.