Snow Day

SHARK SHARK… well, okay, not a shark, it’s just Agnes the garden gargoyle, pretty much buried in the snow with just the tip of one wing protroding.  I bet she’s one ticked off and cold gargoyle 🙂 We received close to two feet of snow over an eighteen hour period yesterday and this morning. Shovelling and blowing…

Don’t mind me, I’m just passing through

I was pleasantly surprised to see the fox this morning, no doubt dropping by to see if there may be some free suet just hanging about. Such a magnificent creature with the most beautiful coat and luxuriously gorgeous  tail. Thank goodness I just so  happened to be looking out at the squirrels and birds when…

Look ma, no hands!

I often marvel at the dexterity and cleverness of squirrels, especially when seemingly defying gravity to raid bird feeders and suet logs. This morning’s wicked winds and blinding snow didn’t stop this black squirrel from snacking on the suet log hung from the  clothesline.  

Curious Meadowlark — nature has no boss

This Western Meadowlark, which I assumed to be molting, was out in the open foraging last summer. Hunting for insects on open grasslands looking almost like a small new species of vulture with their feathers missing from their neck. via Curious Meadowlark — nature has no boss