Waning Winter Wonder

Spring may be in the air, but winter is still very present in central Ontario.

Eye of the Pi

I think Pionus parrots have the most beautifully expressive eyes, so bright and full of inquisitiveness and mischief.   Then there’s the headless parrot of Otter Lake pose… Halloween is coming after all 🙂

Stand up straight, she’s taking our picture!

I would argue that no matter how old you are, most of us exclaim ‘horse’ every time we come upon horses grazing in a lush field.  I found these beauties along a local highway en route to North Bay a few days ago.  

Breaking up isn’t hard to do… in spring!

Despite today’s unexpectedly lengthy and accumulating snowfall, spring is showing definitive signs of arrival.  Creeks are once again trickling and last year’s cattails look happy, basking in the sun’s early spring warmth.

March Spiky Squares: Bluebell Cottage Gardens — Susan Rushton

It’s March and Becky from The Life Of B is hosting a new, month-long challenge. This month’s topic is spiky and the only real rule is that the main picture must be a square shape. Please join in if you’re feeling at all spiky! via March Spiky Squares: Bluebell Cottage Gardens — Susan Rushton