So, you want a parrot

By @elvisbird (IG)/ @elvisbird _dean Parrots are colorful, beautiful, and entertaining. Those qualities create a desire in many people to have their own bird. Like those people, I admired parrots, but I never thought much about owning one until one day, my grandson Carson brought home a beautiful cockatiel. He named him Hamilton. Immediately, I […]

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Birdie Halloween Costume Contest Winners!

We’d like to congratulate all contestants for their spooky, cute, and scary costumes, thank you for making our inaugural Halloween costume contest such a success! Okay, here we go, the votes have been tabulated, and the winners are…. GRAND PRIZE WIINER of a feature story on BirbObserver goes to @franksandbeans.macaws (Instagram) SECOND PRIZE goes to…@owa_bob […]

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My name is Jasmin. I am twenty years old and studying Nursing. I live in New Jersey and have a 5-year-old male sun conure named Frankie. Frankie is a feisty little boy, particular in his like and dislike of specific individuals. In my family, it’s me he likes and trusts most, wanting always to be […]

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Birdie Rhythm & Blues

It turns out humans are not the only species that know how to make instruments to play rhythmic drumming. Palm cockatoos have mastered that skill as well. And they do it to woo females. A team of scientists from the Australian National University, the University of Queensland and Deakin University are studying these birds to…

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