Show Your Birb Love this Valentine’s Day!

To celebrate Valentine’s day and you, our fans, we are holding our ‘Love is…’ contest! Follow @BirbObserver on Twitter and BirbObserver on Instagram and Facebook, post your bird-related photo with a caption that begins with “Love is…”, and tag your photo with #birbloveis to enter to win a customized T-shirt featuring your photo and caption! Take […]

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The Empty Space: coping with the loss of a beloved companion

By Sherri Moorer I think the hardest part of losing Chloe (or any bird) is the empty space. It’s not just the empty space where the cage used to be. It’s the mental and emotional space in her absence. It’s getting up and going to bed with one less bird. It’s coming home to one […]

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Growing Greens for companion birds: Wheatgrass & Other Grasses

By @tiellover Parrots in the wild love fresh greens, but it can be difficult to get our birds to eat enough greens in our homes. Greens are a healthy and nutritious addition to any parrot diet and are full of vitamins and minerals. Presentation can be everything, so here’s a fun way to get your […]

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Depression in Companion Birds

by Mariah Hughes Depression is, in the most basic understanding, a psychological condition in which a series of “feel good” hormones fail to do their jobs for any number of reasons. Despite the common perception that depression is a “human illness”, or, moreover, not an illness at all, depression has the ability to affect any […]

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New Contributor on BirbObserver

We want to take this opportunity to welcome Tiellover as the newest contributor to BirbObserver! Tiellover has been on Twitter since July, 2010 so undoubtedly many of you know and follow her account! With a lifetime of experience with companion birds ‘under her wing’, we look forward to Tiellover sharing her wealth of knowledge and insights […]

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Christmas Wishes

Here’s wishing everybirdie and their humans and flocks (fur / finned / hairy / and feathered) the merriest of Christmases and the very best for 2018!


As Christmas draws closer, time needed to get everything done, and to wish others well gets ever so short.  Keito, Abby and I wish everyone reading this the most wonderful Christmas / holiday season, filled with happiness, good food, good friends, love, and hope for a brighter, better new year.

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Thank you for following, reading or even just dropping by PerchSpective, I appreciate your time and interest in my little nook on the www.

Fun with sprouts: Chia Pets

PART 1: Chia Pet By @tiellover We all know that greens are healthy and nutritional for our birds, but how do we get them to eat them? I have a fun and easy way to do this that I want to share with you! First, let’s talk about sprouts for a minute. Many of you […]

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