In Appreciation of Skunks

When you start to think about skunks, the thing that comes most to mind is the overwhelmingly identifiable stench that these small creatures can produce. Skunks are often vilified for their over-the-top predator defense mechanism, and most people have a story of it plaguing campgrounds, pets, and homes. But these cat-sized mammals actually have some […]

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Climate Change & the Humble Sunflower

The humble sunflower appears not quite of this earth. Its yellow crowned head sits atop its stalk like a green broomstick. Its seeds, arranged in a logarithmic spiral, are produced by tiny flowers called disc florets that emerge from the center of its head and radiate outward. But aside from being a biological marvel, the…

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World Wildlife Day to Focus on Big Cats!

March 3, 2018 will be World Wildlife Day. Since 2013, the United Nations has set aside this day to celebrate the earth’s extraordinary biodiversity – and to call attention to the threats to that diversity. This year’s World Wildlife Day will focus big cats. As the UN has pointed out, big cats are extraordinary […]

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