The War on Wildlife

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Soul-crushing reality of the world we live in at present.

60% of world’s wildlife has been wiped out since 1970

Enjoying a bit of sunshine after a few cold fall days.

via Red Bellied Marmot — nature has no boss

Red Bellied Marmot — nature has no boss

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An early snow rests upon an evergreen bush creating fresh shimmering crystals.

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Snow Crystals — Mike’s Look at Life

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via A Great Spotted Woodpecker Watching the Wilden Marsh Sunset — The Wilden Marsh Blog

A Great Spotted Woodpecker Watching the Wilden Marsh Sunset — The Wilden Marsh Blog

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Killing Thousands of Animals in Conservation’s Name – The Atlantic

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by Emma Marris – The Atlantic (via MSN)

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The desert of south-central Australia is crenellated with sandstone hills in shades of ivory, crimson, and apricot. The ground is littered with dead trees and tree limbs, big hunks of transparent mica, dried cow dung, and thousands of stone spearheads and blades made by the Aboriginal people who lived here for tens of thousands of years — and live here still. Around the few water holes are the doglike tracks of dingoes, wild canines that were brought to Australia thousands of years ago and are now the country’s top predators.

I have come to the Evelyn Downs ranch, on the famously remote highway between Adelaide and Alice Springs, to meet Arian Wallach, a conservationist who thinks there is too much killing in conservation. Wallach has come to this massive 888-square-mile ranch because it is one of the few places in Australia where people aren’t actively killing wild animals. Tough, outback Herefords share the landscape with kangaroos, wild horses, wild donkeys, camels, emus, cats, foxes, native rodents, dingoes, and very large antediluvian-looking reptiles called perenties. Of the animals on this list, dingoes, cats, foxes, horses, camels, and donkeys are all killed in large numbers throughout Australia — but not here. Wallach has convinced the owners to experiment with a more hands-off approach.

This is a fascinating and important article on wildlife conservation and protection.  Read the full article here.

Early Autumn, a time for contemplation

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The leaves are gradually changing colour, lighting up the early Autumn landscape with splashes and swaths of glorious orange, gold, yellow, red, burgundy, crimson, brown and maroon splendour.  In a week or so, the forests, roadsides and countryside will be at their peak, on fire with intense colour.  Mother Nature’s fashion show: my favourite time of year is here again.  I am grateful for the opportunity to enjoy another Autumn in central Ontario.


Around every corner is yet another inspirational scene.

Yellow daisy-like flowers spring up every Fall along this section of our backroad.  I couldn’t resist taking a video of them as they were gently swaying in the early afternoon autumn breeze.

They are bewitching in the sunlight, so bright and cheery.  Maybe the flowers are nature’s way of reminding those who pass by to slow down and enjoy them for a moment for winter is on it’s way soon.

Marshland, grasses and ground cover is equally stunning this time of year.

Soon winter will be here and the landscape will be blanketed in snow. But, I’ll be content to revive these memories of this Fall’s colour show.

Such reflection will see me through the cold winter, through the new, bright greens of spring and, God willing, eventually to the enjoyment of the splendour of another Autumn.

Trump condemned over plans to allow drilling near national parks

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Trump condemned over plans to allow drilling near national parks

via Wordless Wednesday — Nature Is My Therapy

Wordless Wednesday — Nature Is My Therapy

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Aki’s back on the water. This morning she and her humans boarded a small landing craft to visit an island lighthouse. We bounce up Favorite Channel and into the deep-water fjord called “Lynn Canal. Having just having finished reading a book about John Muir’s visit to these waters in the 1800’s, I try to imagine […]

via Aki or the Whales — Walking with Aki

Aki or the Whales — Walking with Aki

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