Can’t look away

A colour explosion in the mid-summer garden. Mother Nature updates her wardrobe once again, adding fiery oranges, peaches, fluorescent pinks, bright yellows and velvety purples.  A celebration of beauty in my own backyard. Blessed.

Dandelions: drops of sunshine that pack a nutritional punch!

Under-valued and decried as a mere weed, the humble yet very hardy dandelion is all too often vilified as a mere weed, a scourge that gardeners and landscapers are often determined to rid from view using harmful chemicals and sprays.  I for one hope more people will refute this misinformed view of dandelions as they are beautiful, and they pack a lot of nutrients for both people and insects, especially bees!

Dandelions have huge benefits for bees.  Bees gravitate to dandelions en masse for sustenance during those early, cold spring days when there’s little if anything else upon which to feed.

Next time you see a dandelion flower, don’t see it as a weed, see it as a beautiful drop of nutrition and sunshine!


Hue are you?

Vincent van Gogh tried, Monet got close, but Mother Nature’s paintbrush is like no other artist.  The hues of summer are vibrant and alive, the variety and range of colour is astounding.


Hidden beneath soil, shrouded in mystery
You began pushing up
Up to the sun
Growing higher, higher

I wait impatiently for you
I watch
You unfurl so slowly
Disguising your glory

Not much longer now
I wait to gaze upon your beauty
Soon, soon, you will be here