November in the south of Australia means the arrival of long awaited peony blooms in florists and cool climate gardens. It is one of our favourite times of the year when peonies and roses are both in bloom! we are always on the hunt for beautiful open gardens and flower farms so when we came…

via Live: Picnic at the Spring Hill Peony Farm —

Live: Picnic at the Spring Hill Peony Farm —

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with their erratic flight and soft buzzing she was hypnotized by the bees

via Bees — spanishwoods

Bees — spanishwoods

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all possibilities gather at the water’s edge

via Marsh In Morning Light — leaf and twig

Marsh In Morning Light — leaf and twig

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Happy Cacti & Succulents

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While other plants have wilted or retreated from this summer’s excessive heat, my cacti and succulents enjoying their seasonal residence on the front deck have relished the long, hot spotlight.  Many of the cacti especially have been so happy they’ve rebloomed twice, a rarity for some species.

Of all the coneflowers, in all the gardens, you fly onto mine

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I haven’t seen many butterflies thus far this year, so a few days ago I was excited to be  treated to a wonderful scene on my garden coneflower.  This beauty alighted and fed for a long time, but she wasn’t alone as another little flying beauty was also admiring the echinacea.


Photo Credit: Linda Sullivan 

The monarch and the bee had a bit of an aerial scuffle, but soon the bee moved onto some other tasty wildflowers and the butterfly was left to alight and feed for an extended period of time.

If you stop, look and feel nature for even just a short amount of time, you’ll experience a little, glorious heavenly shudder in your very soul.

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