Home on the Range: the simple things in life make my day, everyday.

When the challenges and push-back of people start bringing me down, I go out in search of the simple – the reality – of living a good life.  For me, this means driving down country roads, past open fields dotted with horses, cows, sheep and other lovely creatures.  Yesterday was such a day for me, I needed an escape from the myriad of issues causing me pause and angst.  I was rewarded when I came upon these beauties grazing and lazing in a field alongside an area roadway.

Happiness is: Fields of Hay

No doubt, if you live in the country and love country-living as much as I do, you probably enjoy taking long drives down country highways and byways just to enjoy the sight of endless fields dotted with bundles of hay.  Something primal stirs in my soul when I see hay in a field, reminding me how close we are (and should be) connected to the land.  I also love seeing the creative hay stacks/bundles…. who knew there were field fish 🙂

Country Roads, Take Me Home

I love the country!  Driving along the backroads, highways & byways of Central Ontario makes me so very grateful I live where I do.  Summertime in the fields affords views of lazy haystacks and meandering meadows spotted with cows, horses and sheep.  If someone were to ask me ‘what do you think heaven looks like?’, I would point to the fields along area country roads and say ‘this is what my heaven looks like’.

This is My Canada 

I love this country with my heart & soul. Land of lakes, rivers, moose and the Cambrian Shield. Born in Toronto but moved to the sticks when I was 10 years old. I’m forever proud to live and call rural Canada my home.  I’m also blessed to work with some incredible First Nation people who have shown me just how truly wonderful this land is for people and our animal relatives. 

The Wind Through Roadside Wildflowers

So much beauty lies just at the margins of our highways and bi-ways, what look like simple wildflowers are truly elaborate patches and fields of bustling – and buzzing – life.  I stopped a few times along our area roadways to capture the smaller  worlds of wonder, going about life at their own beautiful, steady pace.

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