Early Autumn, a time for contemplation

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The leaves are gradually changing colour, lighting up the early Autumn landscape with splashes and swaths of glorious orange, gold, yellow, red, burgundy, crimson, brown and maroon splendour.  In a week or so, the forests, roadsides and countryside will be at their peak, on fire with intense colour.  Mother Nature’s fashion show: my favourite time of year is here again.  I am grateful for the opportunity to enjoy another Autumn in central Ontario.


Around every corner is yet another inspirational scene.

Yellow daisy-like flowers spring up every Fall along this section of our backroad.  I couldn’t resist taking a video of them as they were gently swaying in the early afternoon autumn breeze.

They are bewitching in the sunlight, so bright and cheery.  Maybe the flowers are nature’s way of reminding those who pass by to slow down and enjoy them for a moment for winter is on it’s way soon.

Marshland, grasses and ground cover is equally stunning this time of year.

Soon winter will be here and the landscape will be blanketed in snow. But, I’ll be content to revive these memories of this Fall’s colour show.

Such reflection will see me through the cold winter, through the new, bright greens of spring and, God willing, eventually to the enjoyment of the splendour of another Autumn.

Living on the Precambrian Shield

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There’s much to be thankful for living in Ontario: a landscape complete with lush forests, countless lakes and rivers, a wide variety of wildlife, cities, and country roads dotted with villages and small towns.  One of the most iconic aspects of Ontario’s landscape are the often endless rock formations.  Especially in central and northern Ontario, it’s almost impossible to look around any local roadway, field or forest without seeing rock.


Living inland from Georgian Bay, the rocks running beneath local waterways and ground are all part of the Precambrian Shield (also called the Canadian Shield) – the ancient geological core of the North American continent.  Covering an immense portion of Ontario, the igneous rock that makes up the Shield reveals themselves along every lakeshore, roadway and almost every forest, backyard and driveway in central and northern Ontario.  This rock formation also towers above many Ontario highways.  When driving along many of Ontario’s highways and bi-ways, it’s virtually impossible not to marvel at the sheer scale of the Shield, and the immense effort it took our forefathers and construction crews to ‘get through’ the Shield in order to build central and northern roads.

Here are but a few photos of such rock beauty.


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They say home is where the heart is.  For me, home is where I hang my heart, hat, and name!  A country lane dappled in warm sunlight, far from any paved road, leads to my home.


I’ve lived in a few cities and towns across Ontario and the country, but both in thought and reality, this driveway leads me to the only place I call home.


A Drive on the Wild Side

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The next time you’re driving along a country road, slow down, look, and enjoy the wild.  The wild is right there on the side of all country roads this time of year, it’s colours include yellow, cream, pink, white, purples, brown, mustard and gold.


You don’t have to look too hard or too far to see the wild, it reaches out to gently brush against your tires with its warm foliage.  When you get out of your car and listen, you can hear the wild in the form of songbirds, singing and rejoicing among the bulrushes and marshland reeds.

There’s more to dust-ridden roadside ditches than just gravel and dirt.  Slow down and take a second look, you’ll be rewarded with an eyeful of beauty you won’t see anywhere else.

Daydreams are made of this

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En route to Orillia, Ontario, I passed these beautiful horses. Seeing the young ones was so rewarding, truly made my day!


Photo Credit: Linda Sullivan

Field of dreams and beauty!

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I’ll take an ‘O’ please

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I was driving past a local driveway and spotted ‘K’ structure nestled among the driveway greenery.

I’m now looking for the rest of the alphabet 😂 , or at least an ‘O’ 😂

Spring Peeper Symphony #2018

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Taken yesterday evening along our local country road.

Company along the road this morning

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Lazy spring days

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Taken along the bi-ways of Parry Sound District.