2 Replies to “Challenging the establishment ”

  1. I both agree and disagree with his stance. On the one hand, there is a significant amount of bullying going on by the political correctness bureaucracy and its sycophants. However, as a writer who is sensitive to the overall issue of bullying by the other side of the argument, I would welcome a non-gender specific third person singular pronoun.
    I also note that part of his stance is rather self-serving. If it is concluded that gender is not limited to exclusive divisions between male and female, then much of his research and therefore his professional credibility is suspect. Research into the differences between female and male brains is questionable if there is in fact no such thing as a distinctly female or male brain.

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    1. Well said, I agree with you in that his motivations are not altruistic, there’s a lot for him to gain personally, professionally and professorially that goes well beyond his argument of gender and political correctness. I guess for me, I appreciate that push-back to the deluge of political correctness and impingement on freedom of speech, but both of those can go too far as well for self serving and personal gains. Thank you for your comment!!!


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