Wildlife Conservation Day — Travels Through My Lens

Today, December 4, 2020 is Wildlife Conservation Day. A day set aside to bring awareness to illegal poaching and the cruelty inflicted on animals and endangered species. In honor of this day, I am sharing some photos of animals that I have taken over the years. Most professional wildlife photographers use burst mode to capture […]…

Another Victory for the Tongass — Wickersham’s Conscience

Back in March, U.S. District Judge Sharon Gleason rejected an attempt by the U.S. Forest Service to open up Prince of Wales Island and some of the smaller surrounding islands to clearcutting of the remaining old growth forest there. In her decision, Judge Gleason left open the issue of the scope of the remedy, and […]…

Is Trophy Hunting Necessary for Conservation? — The Jaguar

Here is a fascinating story that appeared in The Revelator last week. It was written by Melissa Gaskill, and it covers a fierce debate within the scientific community about the importance of trophy hunting. via Is Trophy Hunting Necessary for Conservation? — The Jaguar

Hedgehog Calendar 2020 — Wildonline.blog

The British Preservation Society’s 2020 calendar is now available to order. I have two photos in the calendar, Grumpy is Mr March and Happy , he’s Mr September. All the profits goes directly to help the society ‘s work helping the hedgehog survive and flourish. ORDER HERE via Hedgehog Calendar 2020 — Wildonline.blog