Receding Ice, Returning Friends

It’s been a long winter here in the Parry Sound area, but Spring’s warmth is encouraging the ice to recede and soon disappear. The return of the geese and other migratory birds is so wonderful to see. All too soon, summer will be over and birds will once again be readying themselves for the migration…

Here’s what an emerging megadrought means for the Southwest — #ColoradoRiver #COriver #aridification — Coyote Gulch

From The Cronkite News via What sets this emerging megadrought apart from others, such as those recorded in the 1200s and 1500s, is that human activity is increasing the severity. Although past megadroughts had natural causes, the report found this natural phenomenon has been made worse by humans… It’s important to understand the difference […]…

Let’s go for a swim around the pond

The local beaver hut is no longer ice-bound, no doubt allowing it’s occupants more freedom to get out and about (while respecting social distancing edicts of course).

Beautiful Blues

With the ice receding at a quicker pace now, and with warmer temperatures upon us, the water and sky are seemingly in a competition to show off their best and most beautiful blue hues.

The Dog Days of… Spring

In these early, still nippy, Spring days, some of us just can’t wait for the warmer temps to arrive to enjoy the simple outdoor pleasures.