Beautiful hoar frost on the treetops the other morning, made for a stark contrast with the bright blue sky.


There’s always something to marvel at when you look up!

It’s winter, it’s cold, nuff said!

It’s been a cold few days in Central Ontario, but that’s winter, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  The bone-chilling temps and accompanying wind certainly go through a body, bringing tears to the eyes and a quickness to footsteps. Almost everyone on the radio, TV and in the grocery line exclaim to all…

Hello Beautiful

Mother nature sure knows how to usher in a new year with flare!  Over the last two days, many of us in central Ontario – in the District of Parry Sound, have been treated to a glorious new year’s with frosted snow covered trees, roads and lakes.  Everything sparkles! Welcome 2019!  So far, so beautiful!

The importance of the LA urban forest to resident and migratory birds, with Dr. Eric Wood – Evening Meeting Reminder: Tuesday, November 13, 7:30 p.m. — SANTA MONICA BAY AUDUBON SOCIETY BLOG

How does the Los Angeles urban forest affect our resident and migrant birds? How do they use it? Do they use native and exotic trees differently? Do the trees lining our public street actually benefit our birds? These are just a few of the topics Dr. Wood will address. What patterns of tree cover and […]…