The Last Tulip Hurrah — Cornwall in Colours

My tulips have all but finished now. The storm on Monday night last week not only revealed another leak in the roof, but also blew away the last of the petals from most of the tulips I have grown this year. Only two remain – some White Triumphator in the raised bed and a pot […]

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Spring has sprung around Evolène, Val d’Hérens — Alittlebitoutoffocus

To stay sane and active during the virus outbreak, I’ve taken to wandering around the back of our chalet and it’s certainly very noticeable how the flowers are starting to emerge and more butterflies are on the wing. I spotted both an Orange-tip and a Camberwell Beauty, but both were too quick for me to […]

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Don’t Worry Bee Happy — Butterflies To Dragsters

The sun is shining and the garden is starting to look lovely. The wind is from the east so when you venture out it’s not as warm as you think but the bees don’t seem to mind. This last week I’ve noticed more and more Hairy-footed Flower Bees (Anthophora plumipes). They love the pulmonaria. These […]

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Lilacs – My Spring Passion

For as lpiZap_1560193049979ong as I can remember, lilacs have occupied a special place in my memories and appreciation of spring.

Growing up in the big city, I remember a bank of lilacs that bordered our backyard. There was a treasured swing set that was positioned parallel to the lilacs and to this very day, if I close my eyes, I can still feel myself swinging while smelling that intoxicating fragrance wafting through the warm spring breeze.  

I have long since left childhood behind, but some memories, like those lilacs, remain imbedded in my mind as if I were once again swinging to and fro on that swing. 

IMG_20190610_075651Lilacs are my spring flowering shrub, the one plant that I long to see, long to smell, and the one plant I couldn’t bear not seeing this time of year.

So in honour of this passion, I drove around Parry Sound last weekend, photographing some of the stands of lilacs that pepper the town.

I wish lilacs would bloom all season.