Pollinator gardening webinar, Feb 8, 7:30 to 9 pm — The Corner Pollinator Garden and Wildlife Habitat

On Monday, February 8, I’ll be presenting a Zoom webinar about pollinator gardening for my local McKellar Park Community Association. I’ll share a slideshow and answer questions. If you’d like to participate, here are the details: “The McKellar Park Community Association invites you to join Berit Erickson for a virtual photo tour of her pollinator […]

Pollinator gardening webinar, Feb 8, 7:30 to 9 pm — The Corner Pollinator Garden and Wildlife Habitat

Glasgow plants hope — Scottish pollinators

Climate change and biodiversity loss are colossal twin challenges in a struggle society has to win.  No corner of the globe is left untouched. Recently the focus picked out Siberia where, it was revealed, between May and October of this year temperatures were 3 C higher than average. It was another startling indication that the crisis […]

Glasgow plants hope — Scottish pollinators

What a difference a week makes! — Scottish pollinators

This month I had two visits to Taynish NNR within the space of a week and they couldn’t have been more different, writes Caroline Anderson. The first visit, on the 4th of July followed a period of torrential rain and pretty well everything was taking its cue from this moth: However, there were lots of […]

What a difference a week makes! — Scottish pollinators

Pollinator Week 2020 — Mike Powell

When I was photographing bees on Monday at Green Spring Gardens, I had no idea that it was the start of Pollinator Week (22-28 June 2020), “an international celebration of the valuable ecosystem services provided by bees, birds, butterflies, bats and beetles,” according to the pollinator.org website. All I knew was that I love bees […]

Pollinator Week 2020 — Mike Powell

Bee ‘n’ Bees — Too Lazy To Weed

We have always tried to make our garden as bee friendly as possible – we garden organically, there are plenty of weeds providing nectar through most of the year and we put up bee hotels. We’ve had these regular bee hotels dotted around the garden for a few years and they’ve proved very popular with […]

Bee ‘n’ Bees — Too Lazy To Weed

Celebrate Nebraska Pollinator Week — Nebraska Lepidoptera: A Butterfly Big Year

Nebraska Pollinator Week is June 22-28. To recognize pollinators importance to the world as we know it a number of fun activities and training opportunities have been scheduled during the month of June. Check them all out at https://www.nebraskapollinatorweek.org/ Thanks in advance for your support!! Neil

Celebrate Nebraska Pollinator Week — Nebraska Lepidoptera: A Butterfly Big Year

The unfairly maligned wasps — Scottish pollinators

I saw a wasp upon a wall And did not like his face at all: And so the creature had no time To wonder whether he liked mine. ‘Plain Murder’, A.G. Prys-Jones. The common wasp (Vespula vulgaris) and its close relative, the German wasp (Vespula germanica), are not likely candidates for the most loved […]

The unfairly maligned wasps — Scottish pollinators

Brooms, baskets and happy accidents — Scottish pollinators

When we watch a bee heavy with pollen lumbering away from a flower, we may be tempted to think it is purposely doing the plant a favour. But there is nothing altruistic here; the bee will try to keep for itself as many pollen grains as possible to provide the proteins that are essential for […]

via Brooms, baskets and happy accidents — Scottish pollinators

What’s in a name? — Scottish pollinators

The naming of moths is a difficult matter It isn’t just one of your holiday games; You may think at first I’m mad as a hatter When I tell you a moth must have two different names Entomologist John W. Brown, inspired by T.S. Elliot Some people are intrigued by scientific names, and others […]

via What’s in a name? — Scottish pollinators

Pollinators at Work — My Everyday Photos

Yesterday I noticed a big bumblebee inside a daffodil. I think she had spent the night in there and gradually she climbed out and on top of the flower. The daffodil was quickly visited by honeybees and mason bees and other insects. There was an awful lot of activity in a small world. The daffodils […]

via Pollinators at Work — My Everyday Photos

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