Sweet Abby the Maxi Pionus

I’m really mommy’s girl, Keito is just an upstart! To see more of me and my sister Keito, visit our Crazy About Pionus page.

A Study in Blue and Grey

My beautiful girl Keito, Blue Headed Pionus – Pionus menstruus More photos of my beautiful girl can be viewed here.

Queen of the Nuts!

Check out more photos of the Nut Queen and her sister Abby on the Crazy About Pionus page.

Eye of the Pi

I think Pionus parrots have the most beautifully expressive eyes, so bright and full of inquisitiveness and mischief.   Then there’s the headless parrot of Otter Lake pose… Halloween is coming after all 🙂

Linen Drawer Confidential

Mom’s chocolate stash uncovered, I’m going to hold the chocolate for ransom until I get my almond!   Seriously mom, the kitchen linen drawer is NOT the place to hide anything that decadent… maybe try the livingroom behind the dusty books 🙂