Goodbye 2019, Thanks for the Memories

It’s been one heck of a decade.  I’ve had several new jobs, a few ‘new’ careers, all with the same outcome: disillusionment.  I’ve owned a few new automobiles and enjoyed each and every one.  I’ve read oodles of hateful and distasteful social media posts, but I’ve read and liked or shared many, many more that…

Stand up straight, she’s taking our picture!

I would argue that no matter how old you are, most of us exclaim ‘horse’ every time we come upon horses grazing in a lush field.  I found these beauties along a local highway en route to North Bay a few days ago.  

Linen Drawer Confidential

Mom’s chocolate stash uncovered, I’m going to hold the chocolate for ransom until I get my almond!   Seriously mom, the kitchen linen drawer is NOT the place to hide anything that decadent… maybe try the livingroom behind the dusty books 🙂  

Lilacs – My Spring Passion

For as long as I can remember, lilacs have occupied a special place in my memories and appreciation of spring. Growing up in the big city, I remember a bank of lilacs that bordered our backyard. There was a treasured swing set that was positioned parallel to the lilacs and to this very day, if…

Show Earth Some Love on February 14th!

If you could send Earth a Valentine’s Day card, what would you write? A poem, an essay, one word? For this Valentine’s Day, tell planet Earth how much you love her! Click here to share your Valentine’s Day wishes to the place we all call home!