Goodbye 2019, Thanks for the Memories

IMG_20191223_175944It’s been one heck of a decade.  I’ve had several new jobs, a few ‘new’ careers, all with the same outcome: disillusionment.  I’ve owned a few new automobiles and enjoyed each and every one.  I’ve read oodles of hateful and distasteful social media posts, but I’ve read and liked or shared many, many more that were kind, funny and full of love and humanity.  I’ve had to say a painful goodbye to a loyal, beautiful dog, but I also welcomed into my life a wonderfully fun, lovable, silly and energy-filled pooch that has taken over my home and a big piece of my heart.

IMG_20191223_084522The world has changed a lot over the last ten years, for good, bad and very bad.  I started this blog to share the micro, local and global issues that were impacting wildlife and the environment.  PerchSpective has and will continue to strive to inform, educate and  champion these issues and hopefully engender even just a small tidal wave of response.  I care deeply about what’s happening to animals and wild spaces, and all I’ve asked (and will continue to ask) is that others care too.

IMG_20191117_074421-EFFECTSIn looking back over the decade soon departing, many good things have happened, many experiences and memories have been made, and for these I am truly grateful.  Most  importantly in 2010, I was living on a proverbial island of isolation.  But at the end of 2019, I find myself part of a truly wonderful, social-media spurred group of people who are closer to me than few have ever been.

I am blessed and grateful to have these people in my life and to know that I belong.



IMG_20191117_071610So goodbye 2019 and good riddance, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.  But before you go, I just want to say thank you.  Thank you for giving more then you’ve taken away over the past ten years.  Time marches on, life changes, and decades pass.  The 2010’s  have been better than the 2000’s, so bring on the 2020’s, I’m strapping myself in for what promises to be another wild ride – en garde 2020!

Lilacs – My Spring Passion

For as lpiZap_1560193049979ong as I can remember, lilacs have occupied a special place in my memories and appreciation of spring.

Growing up in the big city, I remember a bank of lilacs that bordered our backyard. There was a treasured swing set that was positioned parallel to the lilacs and to this very day, if I close my eyes, I can still feel myself swinging while smelling that intoxicating fragrance wafting through the warm spring breeze.  

I have long since left childhood behind, but some memories, like those lilacs, remain imbedded in my mind as if I were once again swinging to and fro on that swing. 

IMG_20190610_075651Lilacs are my spring flowering shrub, the one plant that I long to see, long to smell, and the one plant I couldn’t bear not seeing this time of year.

So in honour of this passion, I drove around Parry Sound last weekend, photographing some of the stands of lilacs that pepper the town.

I wish lilacs would bloom all season.



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