Happy times in the mid-summer garden

I can’IMG_20190725_130044t believe it’s July 31st, where did the time go?  

The gardens have been doing well despite the intense heat and humidity over the last few weeks.  It’s now time for the daisies, coneflowers and daylilies to take place as the stars of the garden.  

Container plants are also doing well, but the heat has taken its toll on some of the more fragile plants – like gardenias and a heliotrope tree.  

The cacti and succulents on the other hand have been practically jumping for joy, begging for more hot, sunny days. 

Around the garden

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The Turtle Pond

I am blessed and thankful to be surrounded by nature every day.  My drive to and from town includes a long stretch along one country road.  The turtle pond – long called this because of the abundance of turtles one can see sunning themselves on warm spring, summer and early Fall days, is also home to a myriad of other wildlife including beaver, frogs, otters, mink, ducks, the occasional goose and great blue heron, insects, and on rare occasions, deer.

To some it’s just a pond, but to me, it’s an amazing oasis to be admired and appreciated every day.

Wild Beauty

We’re now into the early days of summer and everywhere you look around the Parry Sound area, roadsides, ditches and meadows are filled with a beautiful collage of wildflowers.  Pollinators are busy collecting nectar, songbirds are singing the joys of warm days and new life, and the living is indeed easy, and a feast for the eyes!

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