Winter Warmth Ends the Slumber of Skunks — Oakland County Blog

WILDER SIDE OF OAKLAND COUNTY Love is in the air. Eastern striped skunks (Mephitis mephitis) are wandering in search of mates all across Michigan’s lower peninsula. During frigid months, skunks had hunkered down in their winter dens for periods of days, or sometimes weeks, and rarely ventured topside. All that is changing now as spring […]

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Yellowstone Bison — My Everyday Photos

We saw lots of bison in Yellowstone. It’s been a long winter for them (and everyone else) and their preferred route through the park is the paved, plowed road. We were often in bison jams. A scientist explained to us that if a bison is holding its tail up, it is ready to charge or […]

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Yellowstone Fox — My Everyday Photos

We’d been told it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a fox in Yellowstone but that wasn’t our experience. We got to see one as we were making our last drive through the northern part of the park. A number of other people were watching and photographing it so it was easy to spot. Several […]

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Winter Bunn — nature has no boss

Standing tall, our trusty winter companion named Bunn, a Mountain Cottontail (Sylvilagus nuttallii), scans the surroundings for hints danger or perhaps where to head for her next meal. Bunn typically spends her day feeding on the shrubs nearby or just sitting perched upon a high snow mound.

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