Little Bear — nature has no boss

We watched as this little Black bear foraged through the forest nimbley picking Oregon Grape Berries. We did not know Bears ate these little berries but given most of the Choke Cheery bushes had been picked clean this little bear needed to find a few last meals before they retired for the winter and Oregon […]

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Swimming through air — nature has no boss

An interesting new study by V. B. Baliga1, I. Szabo2, D. L. Altshuler entitled Range of motion in the avian wing is strongly associated with flight behavior and body mass suggested that rather than the shape of a birds wing per se it is the range of motion in the elbow and wrist joints that […]

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Giggity, Giggity, Quack! — Through Open Lens

F/11.0, 1/500, ISO 500. Ruddy Duck What did the calculator say to the cashier? You can count on me. Interesting Fact: Most males pair up with one female each for the duration of the breeding season, but some take multiple mates. Their eggs are proportionally the largest of all waterfowl. The ducklings hatch well-developed and […]

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But Officer, I’ve Never Been Able To Walk A Straight Line. — Through Open Lens

F/5.6, 1/280, ISO 500. Atlantic Ghost Crab Why is there only one Yogi Bear? Because when they tried to make another one, they made a Boo-Boo. Interesting Fact: Crabs of this species usually engage in a combat that is non-contact. The combat style is more ritualistic in style and ends in contact in very rare […]

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