Beautiful Blues

With the ice receding at a quicker pace now, and with warmer temperatures upon us, the water and sky are seemingly in a competition to show off their best and most beautiful blue hues.

The Dog Days of… Spring

In these early, still nippy, Spring days, some of us just can’t wait for the warmer temps to arrive to enjoy the simple outdoor pleasures.

I ate the ball mom…

Hmm, I wondered why Linc didn’t show up with his ball.  Based on these captures, I’d say he may have eaten it LOL

The beauty of water

I’ve often wondered if water has memory. Does water flowing downstream via waterfalls, rapids and streams remember from where it came? When freshwater meets saltwater, do both waterbodies acknowledge the other as foreign?  There’s something mesmerizing and awe inspiring about water that goes far beyond its life-giving properties.  Water calms, beckons, intimidates, thrills and overwhelms….

A Dog & His Dock: A love affair

We put a new dock in this August, and Linc, the ball hound has claimed it as his most favourite place! Nothing like jumping off the dock after a ball! Loving this dock mom!