We’re Baaack

Several v-shaped honking masses flew overhead as I was driving home yesterday morning, luckily I was able to capture some of the action.

Beautiful Blues

With the ice receding at a quicker pace now, and with warmer temperatures upon us, the water and sky are seemingly in a competition to show off their best and most beautiful blue hues.

The beauty of water

I’ve often wondered if water has memory. Does water flowing downstream via waterfalls, rapids and streams remember from where it came? When freshwater meets saltwater, do both waterbodies acknowledge the other as foreign?  There’s something mesmerizing and awe inspiring about water that goes far beyond its life-giving properties.  Water calms, beckons, intimidates, thrills and overwhelms….

I demand respect!

A lone seagull tried in vain to get in on the action with the harbour’s resident geese and ducks, but the poor fellow was left behind to wonder where all the fun went.

Duck Duck Goose…

There’s always something happening down at the harbour, whether it be wildlife or human-related activity.  One day late last week, things got very interesting with the arrival of two rival gangs. There was about to be a rumble – with feathers.  Ducks on one side, Canada geese on the other… oh dear, the feathers were…