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Hey guys, welcome back. From one large white bird to another, today we look at the snow goose. Now while it’s not as large as our last bird, the tundra swan, it is a fairly large bird, about the size of a Canada goose. Snow geese are all white with black wing tips, sport a […]

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Duck Duck Goose…

img_20190810_081617There’s always something happening down at the harbour, whether it be wildlife or human-related activity.  One day late last week, things got very interesting with the arrival of two rival gangs. There was about to be a rumble – with feathers.  Ducks on one side, Canada geese on the other… oh dear, the feathers were about to fly!

img_20190810_082027I got out of the car, took one look at the pending brawl, turned around and quickly scooted back into the car.  Gang members turned to face one another other ducks staring down geese with steadfast conviction.  A standoff ensued for what seemed to be minutes but was only a few seconds.


Gang members on each side waddled up to flank their flock members, honking and quacking their support with great excitement.  All anticipated a good old-fashioned tussle.

And just as everybirdie was ready to rush their adversaries, a door slammed closed in the nearby complex and out came FOOD.  Food in the form of bread and seeds.

Seeds good, bread, not so good.  I attempted to inform the bathrobe-clad woman that bread wasn’t good for birds but alas, she didn’t care, she didn’t even respond to my statement.

It was at this point that I realized that the squabbling birds were not a thread to one another or anyone else.  The real threat was from this ignorant woman.  Not because she didn’t respond to my concerns, but because she obviously really doesn’t care about the health and wellbeing of the feathered charges before her.

The ducks and geese were of course happy with their handout, but maybe in the future they will be treated to better quality treats.

Be well birdies, see you next time, and hey, no fighting, it’s a big harbour!


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