One last alpine garden — nature has no boss

A few weeks ago we we lucky enough to take a hike along a ridge above tree-line once again filled with alpine wildflower. Most growing only inches tall yet the display of color was stunning. Carefully stepping from rock to rock to avoid smashing these fragile flowers that somehow thrive in a cold and windy […]

One last alpine garden — nature has no boss

Frills, Fluff & Mid-summer Fancies

Nothing says ‘Hello August’ like day lilies. Despite my ongoing battle with the deer, I’ve managed to see a new crop of beautiful day lilies emerge from the warm summer soil.

Day lilies, astilbe, monarda and coneflowers, the hallmarks of mid-summer blooms.

The deer, squirrels and chipmunks have made sure I’ve seen few roses this season, but thankfully they’ve left a few mainstays to admire.

Soon September will bring an end to the abstract painting that is the 2020 garden. Best I get out and enjoy nature’s canvas while I can.


Amazing Grace, the hedgehog preservation campaign, is urging Britain’s gardeners to ‘socially distance’ from wildlife in their gardens, following a spate of wild animals being ‘rescued’ from their natural habitat. Lockdown has tempted Britons out into their gardens and into their sheds where they’ve been surprised to find they share their space with hundreds of […]


Hot & Humid Won’t Slow Us Down!

It’s been blazing hot and incredibly humid in central Ontario over the last few weeks, and the days head don’t indicate that a cool-down is coming any time soon. Despite the heat, the garden is looking great with strong showing from the usual seasonal suspects – mini roses, daylilies, astilbe, coneflowers and various assorted containers brimming with petunias, marigolds, dahlias and other annuals. The deer are giving me a run for my green thumb though, time will only tell who will win this battle.

cornwall in colours: white — Cornwall in Colours

After my experiment a couple of summers ago with a white bed I decided last autumn to trial some white spring flowers in this bed. So I chose some white Narcissi, white Tulips, white Chionodoxa (Glory in the snow), some mixed blue and white Muscari and white Crocuses (Snowbunting). The crocuses ended up in the […]

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Phoenix Urban Gardening Course – Sow & Grow. Chapter 1 — Brighton and Hove Organic Gardening Group

In an attempt to prevent our members from missing out, we’re bringing Ruth’s expert Phoenix Urban Gardening Course into your homes in instalments over the coming weeks. First up: Sow & Grow: all you need to know to get those veg plants off to a roaring start! 1. WHAT should I grow? (see Planting Guide) […]

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What’s flowering in the garden 7th April 2020 -BBC Radio #SowAlong #BBCRadioSowAlong — Bramble Garden

If you have been listening in to Gardens Hour on Wednesdays on BBC Radio Leicester, you’ll have heard our ‘ten minute tips’ recorded in Ben Jackson’s garden. I always come home and plant the same varieties in my windswept country garden. Ben’s plot is in a lovely sheltered walled garden in a village. His soil […]

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