Beneath the Cage Grate – February edition — THE ROOST

In his latest Beneath the Cage Grate column, Morty tells of a letter he recently received from Rocco, another African Grey who is having a very challenging time with a demonic Alexa. Rocco’s Alexa keeps getting him into trouble, and if he can’t find a way to stave off his Alexa’s foul language and bad […]

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TOO CUTE!!!! Loyal Dog Watches Over His Favorite Teddy Bear During The Entire Time It’s In The Wash

by Kim Wong-Shing – from MSN.COM

a close up of a dog
© @habsthedog / Instagram

Reason #41,986 why we do not deserve dogs: Habs, an adorable spaniel dog, watches over his favorite plush toy while it’s in the wash to make sure that it’s safe. Now that’s loyalty.

Reason #41,987: That plush toy is a ridiculously oversized teddy bear, much larger than Habs himself.

Is it even legal to be this cute?!

Habs’s owner, Jacqueline Estey, didn’t originally intend for Habs to bond with the giant teddy bear. It belonged to her before Habs even joined the family. But soon after he arrived three years ago, he claimed the teddy bear as his own

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Feel Good Sunday: Video ~ Ya Gotta Luv Um — Straight from the Horse’s Heart

“For those who are blessed and able to live with their equine companions life is often a steady stream of giggles and grins. Throw in a few resident cats and dogs and there is hardly ever a moment not filled with frivolity and merriment…I am chortling over that last comment, it could be a blessing […]

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