Fall colours in my mind’s eye

Despite the unseasonably warm temps over the last few days, the glorious colours of Fall ’22 are but a memory now. There are still vestiges of glory, but I must now put those memories to bed, like the garden, and leaf through them in the weeks ahead, especially when the winds turn bitter and a blanket of white covers the landscape.

I love each season, and I love how each rolls into the other, overlapping for a short time before subsiding and drifting off into the annals of seasonal time.

But Fall, well Fall is the ultimate fashion show; it screams attention – and for good reason: it’s breathtakingly bold and, without hesitation, it mixes and matches colours never seen on any fashion runway.

Farewell Fall ’22, I miss you already!

Early Autumn, a time for contemplation

The leaves are gradually changing colour, lighting up the early Autumn landscape with splashes and swaths of glorious orange, gold, yellow, red, burgundy, crimson, brown and maroon splendour.  In a week or so, the forests, roadsides and countryside will be at their peak, on fire with intense colour.  Mother Nature’s fashion show: my favourite time of year is here again.  I am grateful for the opportunity to enjoy another Autumn in central Ontario.


Around every corner is yet another inspirational scene.

Yellow daisy-like flowers spring up every Fall along this section of our backroad.  I couldn’t resist taking a video of them as they were gently swaying in the early afternoon autumn breeze.

They are bewitching in the sunlight, so bright and cheery.  Maybe the flowers are nature’s way of reminding those who pass by to slow down and enjoy them for a moment for winter is on it’s way soon.

Marshland, grasses and ground cover is equally stunning this time of year.

Soon winter will be here and the landscape will be blanketed in snow. But, I’ll be content to revive these memories of this Fall’s colour show.

Such reflection will see me through the cold winter, through the new, bright greens of spring and, God willing, eventually to the enjoyment of the splendour of another Autumn.

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