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WILDER SIDE OF OAKLAND COUNTY Black-capped Chickadees are well adapted to life in the woodlands of Oakland County, and are equally comfortable living a suburban lifestyle. The secret of their success is adaptability and inquisitiveness, and during the cold months, a few tricks bestowed upon them through eons of evolution. Chickadees may be found in […]

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Pionus Parrot Perfection

Maximilian pionus (also known as Maximilian’s pionus and the Scaly-headed parrot) are Abbyunderstated beauties.  Their green, bronze and brown feathers shimmer in the light, the mauve/purple breast feathers are rare in the family Psittacidae, the striking white eye ring, and the brilliant red feathers on the underside of the tail make Maxis, in my opinion, among the most beautiful of parrot species.  With gentle, knowing hazel-hued eyes and a calm, sweet personality, it is not hard to understand why – and how, Maxi Pi have endeared themselves to many companion  parrot enthusiasts.

Abby (right) is roughly 26 years old, and still the sweetest, most gentle companion parrot I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and loving.

Merry Christmas & Happy Hannukah

Wishing everybirdie a Happy Hannukah, a very Merry ChrisFB_IMG_1543848641459tmas & the most happiest, treat-filled new year possible!

To those birdies looking for forever homes, I am thinking about you too at this time of year, hoping and praying with all my heart that you are adopted and loved beyond your expectations very soon.

For those who have flown Over the Rainbow Bridge in 2018, you are forever loved and never to be forgotten by your parronts and AniPals.

Santa Birdie

ephoto_1545105559511I’ve been preparing my list for Christmas for mom’s review, ordering and delivery next Tuesday morning.  I realize it’s hard to believe, but I HAVE been a good birdie all year (well, there was that one incident in Penne’s Tree a while back when my buddy Oscar (a cockatoo) and I got into the moonshine, caused a wee bit of a chaos, fell out of the tree and into the bushes beneath, emerging the next morning with twigs and pine needles stuck to our birdie butts.  Thankfully, what happens in Penne’s Tree, stays in Penne’s Tree, phew).

But I digress.  I repeat, I have been a GOOD BIRDIE this year and I deserve everything on my list (and much, much more, but I won’t push it):

  1. Almonds – the biggest bag possible of course
  2. New foot toys – so I can listen to mom moan and groan as she picks them up when I deliberately toss them
  3. My own smartphone – because mom is becoming tiresome, with her bad typing and rather boring posts of trees, snow and stupid turkeys… yawn..
  4. A new sister – Abby is beautiful, but good grief she’s boring and has absolutely no sense of humour
  5. Bells and whistles – because I’ve heard that other birdies have cages decked out with all the bells and whistles.  I don’t know what they are, but I know I want them!

Uh oh, mom’s coming, I’ll be adding to the blog about my (bottomless) Christmas list and the weird build-up to Christmas in our house (i.e., decorations, food, visitors and silly songs…).

Until next time everybirdie, be careful to whom you divulge your Christmas list – Santa’s’ watching!


P.S.  I’m looking for further suggestions for my Christmas list, please pass along your comment to this post!