Nuthatch: “Lockdown? What lockdown?” — Trees of Sanctuary

Things have not gone exactly to plan. The two hundred bird / wildlife boxes we put up in the wood are largely unmonitored, which is a shame as I was really looking forward to seeing who would take up residence in the new homes. But for the wood and the wildlife, none of this matters; […]

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CUBAN PEWEE: PICTURE PERFECT ABACO (12) The Cuban pewee Contopus caribaeus bahamensis (sometimes called the crescent-eyed pewee) is the smallest of the four so-called ‘tyrant’ species found on Abaco. These flycatchers are tiny compared with their kingbird cousins. You can clearly see the tiny hooked tip at the end of the upper beak, which helps […]


Gila Woodpecker — What’s For Breakfast? — Sonoran Images

You may enlarge any image in this blog by clicking on it. Click again for a detailed view. The Gila Woodpecker is a species that symbolizes our desert as much as any species does. This bird is extremely common. One sees these woodpeckers everywhere, and when one doesn’t see them, he or she certainly can […]

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Heeeey! — Through Open Lens

F/6.3, 1/125, ISO 500. Blue Jay What kind of shoes do ninjas wear? Sneakers. Interesting Fact: They often mate for life, remaining with their social mate throughout the year. Only the female incubates; her mate provides all her food during incubation. For the first 8–12 days after the nestlings hatch, the female broods them and […]

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Piping Plovers nest on Chicago beach — SANTA MONICA BAY AUDUBON SOCIETY BLOG

A collection of articles about the Piping Plover pair – now dubbed Monty & Rose – who nested and raised chicks on Chicago’s Montrose Beach in 2019, and have returned again this year. The most recent prior hatching in the Chicago area was in 1955. Both Piping Plovers and Western Snowy Plovers are classified as […]

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Gartensafari 5 — Vogelknipser

Der hinkende Paul Während die anderen Dohlen meistens in einer lebenslangen Paarge-meinschaft leben, ist er ein Einzelgänger. Er gehört sonst aber wohl zu einer großen Famile. Wenn es im Herbst langsam dunkel wird, kann ich beob-achten, wie er sich seiner Familie anschließt, um in den nahen Bäumen zu schlafen . Diese Beobachtung kann man im […]

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For the Birds: Romance with mealworms — Birds of New

Is there anything more romantic than shoving a few dried mealworms into your mate’s mouth? Not if you’re a bluebird. “My” bluebirds are still coming around daily. For the past few days, I’ve watched the male feeding the female, even though she could easily get her own mealworms a few feet away. What fun would […]

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