Masked Woodswallow — Birds in Sydney

I was puzzled when I heard a series of different bird calls coming from one location. I looked up, expecting to see a butcherbird, as they’re good mimics. Instead I saw what looked like a Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike, also called a shufflewing. I decided the mimicked noises must be coming from a hidden bird, and I […]

Masked Woodswallow — Birds in Sydney

Photography of Birds – Set # 63 — H.J. Ruiz – Avian101

Set # 63 Tufted Titmouse The tufted titmouse gathers food from the ground and from tree branches. It eats berries, nuts, insects, small fruit, snails, and seeds. Caterpillars constitute a major part of its diet during the summer. Titmice will stash food for later use. The titmouse can demonstrate curiosity regarding humans, and will sometimes […]

Photography of Birds – Set # 63 — H.J. Ruiz – Avian101

Crested Caracaras — Domesticity — Sonoran Images

You may enlarge any image in this blog by clicking on it. Click again for a detailed view. As I stated a couple of days ago, I’ve had the exciting opportunity these last few weeks to get a fairly close look at Crested Caracaras’ family life, something that I had thought that I never would […]

Crested Caracaras — Domesticity — Sonoran Images

Ninfa Morada/Fork-tailed Woodnymph/Thalurania furcata — One Bird Per Day/Un Ave Por Día #1.173

Foto: Nick AthanasNombre en español: Ninfa Morada Nombre en inglés: Fork-tailed Woodnymph Nombre científico: Thalurania furcata Familia: Trochilidae Canto: Andrew SpencerEl zafiro golondrina (Thalurania furcata), también denominado picaflor zafiro (Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay), colibrí hada de alas azules, ninfa morada (Colombia), ninfa mexicana (México) o tucusito morado (Venezuela),​ es una especie de ave apodiforme perteneciente al género Thalurania que integra la familia Trochilidae, denominados colibrís. Esta especie de colibrí es de tamaño mediano. Sus colores van desde los verdes…

Ninfa Morada/Fork-tailed Woodnymph/Thalurania furcata — One Bird Per Day/Un Ave Por Día #1.173
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