And so it begins…

The gardening season, and spring for that matter, doesn’t commence for me until I bring out my Muskoka Chair and situate it alongside the yet-to-be-tidied side garden.

This is my haven. As Sheldon Cooper would say, this is my ‘spot’ on this blue planet, the one place I can tune out everything and everyone else, along with the burdens of my mind and body.  The other chair is a newcomer to the party, meant for company, or a place to set a drink.


Wildlife Visitors in April 2018 — My Wild Australia

I was somewhat busier than normal in April so didn’t have as much opportunity to take many photos of the wildlife visitors, so I only have a few to share with you on this occasion. Here are two sulphur crested cockatoos, eyeing me off and walking up and down the veranda, probably wanting to have a […]

via Wildlife Visitors in April 2018 — My Wild Australia

Lazy spring days

Taken along the bi-ways of Parry Sound District.

My Home Town – Parry Sound

I wasn’t born in Parry Sound, but for the last 30 years plus, I’ve lived in the area.  It’s small, it’s rumour-filled, the population sign has changed in almost the same time, it’s hokey – but aren’t all small towns?

Winter is harsh, but summers are beautiful – except for the tourists!  For all it’s small town ‘charms’, I have to echo hubby’s sentiment most of the time: “Thank god we live here”!

Welcome to Parry Sound.

Love has wings & feathers

In my heart, love takes the shape of wings, a beak and beautiful feathers.