February: winter’s showcase

As someone born in the month of sun and cold, I declare February to be winter’s showcase month!  Yes It’s cold, but the combination of bright skies upon the snow-laden landscape is unmatched.  Soon, spring will blanket the fields with green, and the lakes and rivers will flow again.  But for now, snow cover allows nature to rest, rejuvenate and replenish her strength.

I am grateful for winter.

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Winter’s Hardships

Winter weather has enveloped wild horse country along with the cold tempatures and the snow has really started to accumulate. As the snow pack deepens it becomes more challenging for all the wildlife including the wild horses. Using their broad hooves, they must dig through the snow to find forage. In conditions like this […]

via Winter’s Hardships — The Wild Horses of Alberta Society

World Wildlife Day to Focus on Big Cats!

March 3, 2018 will be World Wildlife Day. Since 2013, the United Nations has set aside this day to celebrate the earth’s extraordinary biodiversity – and to call attention to the threats to that diversity. This year’s World Wildlife Day will focus big cats. As the UN has pointed out, big cats are extraordinary […]

via World Wildlife Day 2018 to Celebrate Big Cats — The Jaguar

Show us your birdie love!

Valentine’s Day is a mere 2 days away – have you submitted your #birbloveis photo yet? Don’t miss your chance to win an awesome prize by showing the world your birb love! Enter our Valentine’s Day ‘Love Is…” Contest to win a prize for your birb photo creativity! Follow @BirbObserver on Twitter or BirbObserver […]

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